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General Terms & Conditions
The client must agree to the following terms and conditions:



  1. Shipments will be picked up if booked from MXC website.
  2. Minimum chargeable weight is 0.1 kg.
  3. 13%GST/SST is (included) on above mentioned rates.
  4. One-way delivery charges will be applicable there are no return charges once the shipment return but Delivery charges will be applied on that shipment
  5. Weight subject to the confirmation at MXC Station.
  6. In case if a customer refuses to accept the shipment due to any reason that shipment will be returned to the merchant/shipper.
  7. If shipment volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight, shipment weight will be calculated as follows, Whatever is high if weight or Volume would be charge as a Delivery charges, Those products which are less in weight and occupied more space will be counted as volumetric


Height (cm) X Width (cm) X Length (cm) 

    1. You are responsible for packing of your goods. Please make sure your product is properly packed in flyers. If product nature is fragile by any means use fragile stickers, bubble wrap and carton boxes or any other proper packaging material to support your product during in transit. Ensuring the safety during their transit as per nature of the goods. Any damage to the product due to poor packaging will not be our responsibility.


  1. we don't deal in any fragile items due to product nature unless the packaging is satisfied and as per SOP (using Bubble wrap, Carton boxes, and other packaging supporting material) that provide your product safety at the time of delivery once it's Picked. If it's as per SOP we can deliver your fragile item.



  1. Delivery time frame:
  1.  Delivery time within City:

One day in a major or nearest area. After pick up day
-if parcel belongs to out of main city of the origin city i.e Bahria Town, Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Gulshan-e-Maymar, Orangi town, Highways and National highways it will go to the 2nd day after pick up day.


  1. Delivery time in major cities
    1. days after pick up day


  1. Delivery time in small cities:

4-6 days after pick up day.


  1. North areas will be cover in 5 to 7 days and we don’t cover Villages area for the delivery and remote areas (self-collect possible from city office only)


  • MXC (Pvt) Ltd. will act as an agent on behalf of the customer. We shall have complete legal authority to collect the cash and transfer the ownership of goods to the consignee.
  • CNIC Number will be required.
  • Taxes will be applicable on total shipment charges depending on the origin of shipments.(Rates are given inclusive of taxes)
  • 13% GST will be applied to the shipments.( Rates are given inclusive of taxes)
  • During the transit, if any government agency like CAA, FIA inspect the shipment for security or regulatory reasons, customer will be responsible to provide the relevant documents.
  • MXC (Pvt) Ltd. has the complete right, but not responsible, to check any package delivery including, without restriction, opening any shipment package. The shipper accepts that MXC (Pvt) Ltd. may also open and check any parcel(s) delivery for any cause at any time.


  • MXC (Pvt) Ltd. shall not be accountable in any significant or unusual damages or other unintended loss. However, arising, whether or not MXC (Pvt) Ltd. had information that such damages might be sustained, including but restricted to loss of income, profit, interest, use of contents or loss of market



  • Customer should not move or ship any of the below mentioned items through MXC (Pvt) Ltd :

Currency, jewelry, Bullion, Antiques, Liquor, Stamps, Precious Metals, Precious Stones, Works of Art, Fire Arms, Plants, Drugs, Explosives, Animals, Perishable goods and items, Negotiable Instruments in bearer form, Lewd Objects, Obscene and Pornographic Material, Industrial Carbons and Diamonds, hazardous or combustible materials, and all other items/articles restricted by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) and any item whose distribution is regulated by law or by any statute of the Provincial or Federal Government. MXC (Pvt) Ltd. will have full legal authority to act against the customer in case any such item is found in any shipments.